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My many (thank you) Friends – my Birthday is this month as are the birthdays of many of my friends – something must have happened in our respective histories 9 months ago 😂 But, here we are. Millions suffering from Harvey. A nuclear holocaust about to happen on the Korean Peninsula. Hurricane Irma PROBABLY (get with it hitting the U.S. as a Cat 4. What?? After all my generation has gone through? That’s the point. The challenges do not ever and will not ever end. They (the challenges) will just look different. What we must do to honor those before us (especially the Greatest Generation – may God bless each one of them) is to come together and defeat these challenges. We all want the same things: life, liberty, health, a better world for our children – we can be victorious in all these fundamental inalienable human rights and create a better world if we ALL come together RIGHT NOW! What will YOU do RIGHT NOW? Put it on paper. Tell it to the world right now. And it will become true. Let’s GO!